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About Us

The firm was founded in year 1953, as a partnership firm of chartered accountants driven by our mission and our professional values.  Over the period of years we have extended our services in to business consulting along with audit and assurance services.

Practicing in the field of international trade taxation, we have the distinction of being the first Indian consultants to provide legal assistance and consultancy to international clientele and leading business houses in protective international trade laws such as Anti-Dumping, Anti-Subsidy, Safeguard and Origin Rules etc. We are the first to represent the Government of India at the W.T.O consultations/penal proceedings in Anti-Dumping duty matters and have also worked as Arbitrators on issues related to international trade taxation.


The confidence of our clients in our work and our performance has helped us develop the expertise in our areas of practice. Our value system has helped us build relationship of trust with our clients who see us as their consulting partners.

Business Meeting

Our Mission

"Strive for the highest quality of professional services to our clients with the help of our expert knowledge and innovative human think-pool."

Drivers of Excellence: Ideology That Connects the Firm, its Members and our Clients 

Client Service

  • Provide hands-on professional advice for challenges faced by our client’s businesses.

  • Accelerating the process of business decision-making without compromising rationality.

  • Building a professional relationship based on mutual trust and understanding with our clients by delivering quality every time.

Professional Approach


  • Our commitment to each client is to provide focused and professional consulting services to ensure structured business growth.

  • Maintain confidentiality in business-sensitive matters.


Performance Standards


  • Commitment to our methodology and our documentation standards.

  • Challenge ourselves to continuously add value to our client’s business by upgrading the quality of our deliverables.


Nurturing Knowledge


  • Develop a work environment where professional values, subject matter expertise & knowledge can be developed for each and every member.

  • Develop industry segment expertise within the firm to be able to provide holistic advice to all clients.

Our Mission

Our Values : The strength that binds our organization together

"Integrity, confidentiality and professional behaviour are few of the values that are the strength of our organization binding our members through a common chain of thought."



Our ethics and thought process drive each member of our organization and govern the manner in which each of us conducts our professional commitments. Integrity is deeply embedded in all our client communication and accurately representing who we are and what we can do. Thus, we trust the pervasive thought among our members to deal honestly and fairly with all our clients.


The strongest pillar of our value structure is “Confidentiality”, which we rely on to strengthen trust among our clients and the firm. Discreetness in the conduct of our professional tasks is the foremost endeavour of the members of the organization to achieve excellence in performing our assignments.


Continuous Learning

The dynamic nature of business and its volatile response to developments in technology and the market conditions, demand for us to pro-actively assess situations of potential threats. Our continuous effort is to develop pragmatic solutions to mitigate volatility and losses in our client’s business. In our quest for understanding the business needs and economic indicators drive us to continuously expand our knowledge think-pool, bringing about more synergy in our client’s efforts.


Professional Behavior

Conducting ourselves in a positive manner such that, every member of the firm shares an outlook that is centred on factual findings and a logical thought process. This enables us to put forth an independent and unbiased view aimed at simplifying business decision making.


Our Culture


Our approach to every client is driven by our cultural value system, which inspires us to respect every professional that comes in contact with our members, whether inside or outside the organization.


Professional Attitude

Every solution for a business challenge emanates from a constructive thought. Every member strives to provide an effective and efficient solution by keeping a constructive attitude and a problem-solving bent of mind. Every action of theirs is driven by logic and business knowledge to enable high-quality solution for each challenge.

Our Values
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