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Management Consulting

We focus on the areas which need more critical evaluation for any business to enable its systematic and targeted functioning. With our vast experience and expertise in business consulting, we endeavour to provide our clients with the most pragmatic solutions. In the course of business, implementation of systems and streamlining performance to the organization goals are not achieved optimally. In their normal trade cycles, the businesses are often deprived of an independent appraisal of their business functions.

How SBA can help?

  • Outsourcing and Co-Sourcing of the Internal Audit function

  • Business Process Reviews

  • Creating and implementation of Standard Operating Procedures

  • Assessments of IT environments for information efficacy

  • Assisting and carrying out audits prescribed under various statutes

  • Carrying out management audits for core business areas

  • Preparation and analysis of reports for benchmarking performance

  • Project Preparation and Technical Consultancy

  • Financial Tie-ups and Resource Management

  • Business Valuations

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